Why Boring Diets Make You Gain Weight

boringfoodMost diets and cookbooks that are supposed to help you lose weight actually backfire and do the exact opposite of what they claim. Instead of losing weight and getting the fit, taut tummy you’re looking for, you wind up putting on a few extra pounds. It’s ridiculous! And completely avoidable. There is a way to eat well and enjoy your food while still managing to get in shape: it is called Metabolic Cooking, and it is going to change everything you thought you knew about weight loss dieting.

If you don’t get off the boring diet merry-go-round you may never get fit.

People who try diet after diet and never stick to them aren’t just “quitters”—they’re just reasonable people who expect the food that they eat to be tasty and appealing. The reason they quit those diets is that those diets are designed to fail. Think about all of the trendy diets that have come and gone over the years: where are they now? If they ever worked in the first place, weight loss would be a thing of the past and we’d all look great. The truth is all of those diets failed because they just didn’t include food that anyone wanted to eat. Boring diets that make nutritious eating a joyless task are bound to fail. Eventually, the most sensitive dieters will lose all hope in weight loss and give up on improving themselves entirely. It’s back to junk food, back to unsightly weight gain again.

Diets can only work if they take a different approach. A real diet doesn’t turn you off of food. Metabolic Cooking teaches you how to make healthy food that is so delicious you’ll never give it up and go back to the junk you used to eat. Metabolic Cooking is the diet you’ll stick to, and the pounds will fall off of you. Why would you have to bite into a hot pepper to lose weight? To punish yourself for eating? Imagine making restaurant quality dishes that will actually help you look and feel fit and healthy.

Metabolic Cooking teaches you recipes that are easy and will make you look fantastic.

Karine Losier, aka the Lean Kitchen Queen and author of The Metabolic Cookbook has figured out that the key to weight loss isn’t boring diet foods that make eating for weight loss a depressing chore. Getting people excited about what they can eat while still losing weight is the only way to create the kind of diet that gets results. With the help of nutrition and fitness expert Dave Ruel, Karine designed this exciting diet and fitness program that guarantees it will never bore you into eating unhealthy foods ever again.

Let the Lean Kitchen Queen teach you how to lose weight and look good with Metabolic Cooking. Try it today and find out what eating well and looking good is all about!