Which Part of Breakfast Could Be Making Americans Sick?

CowMastisisPeople in many other developed nations around the world spend less on healthcare and still live longer, happier lives than we do as Americans.

Why is that? What is making you sick, America?

Is it the fact that those countries have forms of socialized healthcare that will treat their problems at minimal cost, unlike the for-profit medical establishment that we have here? That may have something to do with it, but a new subscription news service called Natural Health Solutions says that there is something else at play here and it is more devious than anything you can possibly imagine.

The culprit, according to Douglas Hill, the founder of Natural Health Solutions, is milk. Yes, milk.

Milk, that ordinary staple of breakfast tables the world around, is actually doing more harm than good to millions of Americans.

To make matters worse, people are getting rich by making you sick. You’ve heard of “milk money” before, but if you had any idea how much money corporate dairy farmers and the government make off of selling you a tainted product, you would need an advanced degree in mathematics.

Douglas puts it this way: no one thought that cigarettes were harmful, and government agencies actively encouraged people to smoke for years. Yet the scientific reality was that tobacco smoke and nicotine were not only highly addictive, but carcinogenic substances that could destroy lives. Decades and billions of lives later that reality is finally starting to sink in. It’s not impossible that the same thing might be going on, only thing this time, it’s about milk.

But what makes milk much more sinister than cigarettes is that you serve it to your kids.

It goes in their cleverly marketed children’s cereals, their cool refreshing glasses. And milk derivatives make up most of the snack shelves in any supermarket in America. So what we’re talking about is a substance that people are getting exposed to from the earliest days of their lives, until they are being sent to the hospital with some mysterious ailment that no one seems to be able to identify.

The agent at play in all this is called rBST—a growth hormone that is routinely injected into dairy cows. America is now the only country in the world where it is still legal to put this substance into the food supply. Every other country knows that it is dangerous stuff that has been proven in study after study to cause cancer. But the pursuit of profits has kept it on supermarket shelves around the country.

The truth about our milk is just one of the disturbing facts that you’ll learn when you get a free copy of The Non-GMO Guide: Food Secrets for a Long and Healthy Life, a free gift with your subscription to Natural Health Solutions.

There is danger in almost all of the food you’ve been taking for granted. Stop serving your family food that could be making you sick. Sign up for Natural Health Solutions today!