The Plant That Kills Cancer Cells and Fights Diabetes


There are a few natural substances that can assist in defeating the unique metabolism of cancer cells, while not harming healthy tissue in the body, including: resveratrol, green tea and Seanol. Add to that list a vegetable which is commonly found in Asia and particularly popular in Japan called the “bitter melon.” When diluted to 5% in water, bitter melon juice tested as extremely powerful in counteracting pancreatic cancer cell linings – reducing the viability of certain cells by up to 98% within 3 days of treatment.

Apoptosis is the natural process by which unhealthy cells in the body are eliminated. But when that system is no longer effective, as in the case of cancerous tissue, bitter melon can re-ignite the process. In addition, it can act as a blocker to cancer cells’ consumption of glucose, which they use as energy. In tests done at the University of Colorado, mice that were given bitter melon showed a 64% reduction in the size of pancreatic tumors – a success rate is greater than that of many chemotherapy treatments.

Bitter melon may also prove effective against diabetes as well. Research displayed that bitter melon ameliorates metabolic syndrome by its beneficial effects on glucose metabolism. Although not a miracle cure, when combined with a fortified immune system, detoxification regimen, lack of dental infections and oxidation therapy bitter melon can stop cancer in its tracks.