The 6 Most Common Inflammatory Foods + How To Detox

458469533_1280x718There seems to be an endless stream of new diet fads out there, assaulting us from the television, celebrity-gossip column and even our own friends.

Here’s the simple truth: our bodies, as they were created in nature, weren’t intended to consume a lot of the synthetic foods that are part of modern day life, and neither are they intended to be broken down by hours of intensive exercise.

We are not so different, in evolutionary terms, from early mankind, which survived on whole foods, clean meats and a lot of walking.

These days however, we exist in a fast food culture that fills our bodies with substances that cause irritation and inflammation, as well as obesity, depression and sickness.

The key to overall health is simpler than we realize.

Try to eat whole foods that are taken directly from the earth and not created in a factory. When inflammation is eliminated in the body, the human liver becomes free to process fat.

If the substances you intake are clean and whole, you can theoretically have as much of them as you want!

Deprivation is not a reasonable method any more. We must change our thinking and create a new food culture. We must eat to live, as we were intended to do.

You wouldn’t fill your gas tank with shampoo nor feed your plants Coca Cola. Here is a list of the six most inflammatory foods and substitutes that will improve your total health:

1. Processed Sugar

Eliminate processed white sugar. Instead, use stevia, raw honey or organic agave syrup.

2. Sodium

Replace table salt with Himalayan salt or sea salt. Packaged and prepared foods contain dangerous amounts of sodium. Eat fresh food or food that you’ve prepared yourself.

3. Wheat Flour

Wheat flour should be replaced with almond or coconut flour. The minimal processing involved in their preparation makes them a more natural alternative.

4. Bad Oils

Highly processed oils: Vegetable, canola, partially hydrogenated oil should be swapped for high-quality oils full of omega-6 and omega-3. Try extra-virgin olive oil or avocado oil.

5. Cow Milk

Where did we get the notion that humans, even children, need cow milk? At about two-years-old, our bodies lose many of the digestive enzymes created that digest dairy.

Sheep and goat dairy is much more easy on the human digestive system. In addition, commercial cow feed is polluted with inflammatory substances, which get passed on to us in the milk.

6. Alcohol

Drink water. As much as you can. Period. Healthy additions (NOT ALTERNATIVES!) are tea and pressed juices, without added sugar.