Bottoms Up! Summer Drinks That Will Slim You Down

woman-drinkingWhat could be better on a hot summer day than cooling down with a tall glass of something full of calories? Summer drinks are mostly sugary and sweet, which means their calories can really add up. Here are some suggestions for summer drinks that will actually keep your weight down.


No brainer here—water is essential to life. It doesn’t have to taste like it came out of the tap either. You can flavor your water with any number of fruits and herbs for added taste. You’re going to need water during the summer to make sure you stay hydrated, and drinking it at mealtimes will make you feel full and make you eat less.


Smoothies are a perfect low-cal drink in the summer. Make sure that you aren’t getting smoothies mixed with any sweeteners though, because that will squander all of the health benefits of this belly-busting drink. Healthy choices for your smoothies include pomegranates, watermelon for lycopene, high-potassium strawberries, and flaxseed for omega-3 fatty acids.

Iced Green Tea

Green Tea is a well-known fighter of heart disease and cancer. Plus, it contains catechin anti-oxidants that are proven to fight fat. Brew hot and then chill, or just add a few tea bags to a pitcher of water and let it sit in the sun.

Lemonade with Seltzer

Lemonade is terrible on its own because of its high sugar content, but it is delightful on a hot summer day. If you want to cut the amount of sugar in a glass of lemonade, mix one part seltzer or soda to one part lemonade. You just made your summer indulgence a little bit healthier…

Greek Yogurt Ariani

Greek yogurt is a great way to eat healthy, but it makes a perfect cooler as well. Compared to regular yogurt, Greek yogurt contains fewer carbs, less sugar and more protein. The Ariani drink is originally Turkish, has a reputation for fighting hangovers, and is simply effortless to make: just add equal parts water to Greek yogurt and then salt to taste.

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