A New Way to Peel Oranges That Saves You Time and Energy

orangePeeling has always been the most tedious part of eating an orange. Digging your fingers into the fruit and removing chunks of peel is messy, time-consuming, and completely inefficient. Luckily, Lifegooroo has found a way to peel your oranges in half the amount of time you spend now. Here are the five easy steps to do this:

1. Get a knife. This is a kind of requirement for this orange-peeling method.  A fork isn’t going to work.

2. Slice off a little bit from the bottom and the top of the orange. Don’t cut too close to the middle—you’ll lose too much of the fruit that way.

3. Align your knife so that you are cutting between the natural separation between two orange slices instead of cutting right through one of the slices, mangling it.

4. Cut through the orange until you reach the opposite side of the peel. You don’t have to cut through it and slice the orange in half.

5. Unroll the orange. Starting from where you cut the orange vertically, pull the two halves of the orange away from each other. You should now see a strip of orange slices waiting for you to eat them. Enjoy!

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