How Your Metabolism Can Revolutionize Weight Loss

IMG_5836Have you got the wrong fat-burning genetics? Do your belly, butt or thighs seem like magnets for fat? Are you sure there was a time in the past when your body’s metabolism was a lot faster? Have you found that your body stores fat in ways you never did before, even though your diet hasn’t changed at all? Maybe you feel that way and you HAVE changed your diet—for a healthier one—and still can’t lose your excess, unhealthy weight. If you answered yes to any of those questions, certified nutrition specialist Kyle Leon’s new program Customized Fat Loss says that it has the answer for you: a natural way to stop your imperfect metabolism and to start burning more fat and looking great.

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This program has been specifically designed to work against the worst weight-gaining genetics and the slowest types of metabolisms. It turns out that the foods that you eat are the key to repairing all the mistakes your metabolism is making with your body. The complicated part is that taking control of your metabolism depends on a combination of you eating the right foods, in the right amounts, at the right time of the day. Finding the right combination between each of those things can be like trying to crack a code in a bank safe, and everyone’s body has its own unique passwords. But through a combination of unusual and groundbreaking weight loss tips and tricks, Customized Fat Loss seems to have figured out how to crack the code of bad metabolisms.

So what kind of tricks are we talking about? These are just some of the ways Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss says that you can jump start your metabolism to burn off ten pounds of fat or more, quickly and naturally:

  • Eat for your age: Ever notice how celebrities seem to look better and leaner as they age? The secret isn’t that they are trying any crazy diets or pills to get those looks. They have just figured out the same thing that new research has shown: the body goes through metabolic changes as we get older that make it harder for our bodies to handle the same kinds of foods that we used to back in high school or college without gaining weight.
  • The answer is age defying eating, says Leon. Younger bodies can handle lots of carbohydrates because they can still process them as weight loss tools. As the body ages, that changes, and protein becomes the way to unlock the body’s natural fat-burning processes. The trick is to make sure that after the age of 18 you gradually lower the number of carbohydrates in your diet while at the same time increasing the amount of protein you eat.
  • Leon supports the idea that there are more than just three body types that people have been talking about for years: lean and stringy ectomorphs, wide and bulky endomorphs, and muscular mesomorphs. In reality, there are many more different body types out there and they each respond to different types of nutrition in their own way. Figuring out what your nutritional needs are is critical to figuring out the right way for your body to eat. Customized Fat Loss is personalized for each individual body type.

Losing weight is a manner of finding a nutrition system that is built around your body, like your very own personal trainer. Customized Fat Loss is the program that is built around your body’s specific needs to make sure you find the right way to approach your metabolism, so that you can lose weight and that is guaranteed to work!

If you really want to lose weight the smart way, you should check out the free video NOW!

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