The Science Behind Losing Stubborn Stomach Fat

fat It feels like every available expert has the answer to helping you achieve those gorgeous abs you dream of, yet the results are NIL. The truth is, the best ways to burn that belly fat are surprisingly unconventional.

The stomach is notorious as the hardest area from which to burn fat (regardless whether you are a man or woman)! There are no shortage of quick yet futile tips to lose that stubborn belly fat. For some it’s all down to the type of food your eating, to others, the number of crunches you’re tirelessly putting your abs through. There is no one apparent answer…or is there?

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Certified Nutrition Specialist Mike Geary has come up with something that looks like an answer. According to Mike, people are tackling the issue all wrong because the best exercise to do when trying to get a six pack is certainly not endless situps and hours of running.

Ab exercises do build ab muscles, but they just push the layer of fat on top of it out making the stomach appear bigger, not trimmer!

Millions of people are struggling to get a leaner meaner stomach, but they’re tackling the issue all wrong. Here’s the answer;


1. Most of the “health foods” advertised today are nothing more than junk foods masked as healthy foods and they will actually encourage you to gain more stomach fat than lose it. The food industry lies to consumers to protect profits!

2.  The common ab exercises we are accustomed to; sit-ups, crunches, and ab machines are not successful and won’t give you the abs you’re dreaming of.

3. Believe it or not – hours of ball-busting cardio workouts are not effective ways to lose body fat. It’s boring & ineffective.

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4. Fat burning pills, teas & other diet supplements won’t help you lose fat. Actually, many of these pills & potions are dangerous.

5. Ab gimmicks like ab-belts and ab-loungers are  to be avoided like the plague! They’re a waste of time & money.

Based on the number of positive testimonials available on his website, it is clear that Mike Geary really knows what he’s talking about…

“I am so amazed to be down  to between 7-8% body fat (according to my Tanita scale), and to have successfully lost a total of 3-4 inches around my waist…”- George, Happy Customer

In The Truth About Abs, Geary explains in a clear and sensible way what really works, and what doesn’t work. He details the 5 fat triggering foods that you may be eating which are actually sabotaging any success, as well as the exercises you can do that will really help you burn that fat!

Mike Geary’s program is one of the best selling exercise programs EVER! Over 260,000 men and women have successfully used these tips to achieve the flat stomach that they’ve spent years trying to get the wrong way! Be one of them!

truth about abs

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