How Is Walmart Leading The Way In Responding To The Coronavirus Pandemic?

In these uncertain times, people are counting on industry-leaders to set an example when it comes to navigating the current international crisis. A company’s actions have a more considerable impact than ever before – not just in terms of how they do business, but in relation to the welfare of their employees, customers, and the wider community.

If we have to single out a company that’s been leading the way throughout the current pandemic, there’s no question that it should be Walmart. While other organizations have been forced to close their doors temporarily, Walmart is clearly an essential business that has had to react quickly to the ongoing situation. 

What have they done that makes them stand out?

Walmart’s first priority is the wellbeing of their staff and customers, which means minimizing the risk of spreading the virus. If you were to visit a Walmart store today, you’d notice sneeze guards have been installed in the register lanes and at the pharmacy checkout, and floor decals have been installed to help visitors maintain appropriate social distancing. Stores also now have a single dedicated entrance and a single designated exit to minimize the physical distance between customers, and Walmart has reduced the number of customers allowed inside at one time.

While this approach means fewer customers in-store, Walmart requires more staff than ever to maintain the system. Stores are now open longer, with reserved time slots for the elderly and those who need special assistance with their shopping. Additionally, with stores selling more products as people stock up, extra staff are required in order to restock shelves overnight and thoroughly sanitize every site.  

To this end, the company pledged to hire 150,000 new “associates” by the end of May 2020, a goal which they hit six weeks ahead of schedule. In recognition of their existing staff who have dedicated themselves to serving the community during a national crisis, ultimately putting themselves on the front lines of the pandemic, Walmart also announced $550 million in cash bonuses to all hourly-paid associates. 

The company has also put more resources into their online systems to make it easier for customers to shop from the safety of their own home, or to avoid unnecessary social contact with others. It’s incredibly straightforward and safe to order your groceries at or via the Walmart app. Once you’ve completed your order, you can drive to your local store for curbside, contactless pickup, or arrange for a delivery drop-off at your doorstep.

If you have to visit a store in person, you can find your local Walmart’s floor map online to plan your route in advance and speed up your shopping trip. Once you’re there, you can then use Walmart Pay to pay for your shopping without having to queue up at the register. The Walmart app even allows you to create your shopping list in advance, making your visit smooth and efficient.

Walmart has made significant steps to ensure staff and customer wellbeing, but why else are they the number one pick for shoppers during this national health crisis?

To start with, Walmart’s range is astounding, with roughly 23.5 million products available in every category imaginable. Their grocery range is vast and features unbeatable pricing across almost every line, meaning there’s no need for you to visit multiple outlets to find what you need. The same goes for their clothing and homeware selections.

Considering most of us are stuck at home as we ride out the pandemic, it’s more important than ever that we have access to the items that allow us to stay healthy. Walmart’s online pharmacy makes it easy for customers to manage all of their prescriptions in one place and pick them up safely. They also stock thousands of health supplements, vitamins, and personal care items to help you take care of your body and mind.

With gyms and sports centers closed, and many people without access to open spaces to exercise safely, it’s worth paying particular attention to Walmart’s vast selection of home fitness equipment. With everything from treadmills and exercise bikes to weight sets and activewear, Walmart makes it easy to stay in shape from the safety of your own home, with gear suitable for men, women, and children from name-brand manufacturers.

The current situation has put many people in a difficult financial situation, with some on reduced pay and others losing their employment completely, meaning affordability is more critical than ever. Thanks to Walmart’s Everyday Low Pricing strategy, relying on them for all your shopping needs isn’t just time-efficient, it’s cost-effective too. Rather than having to wait for specific sales events to get a good deal, Walmart maintains low prices all year round so you can rest assured you’re not spending more than you need to on the essentials.

Overall, you’d be hard pushed to find a company that’s doing more for their customers and staff during this time of crisis. They’ve put the health and security of others at the forefront of their business, while continuing to provide unparalleled service, offering an astonishing range of goods, and guaranteeing affordable prices every time.