How Hidden Food Allergies Could be Aging You Too Quickly

agingYou know that you’re not as young as you used to be. It’s harder to get out of bed in the morning, you creak more, you sleep less. Everything used to be so much easier than it is now. You’re getting older, true, but there’s something else that is making your body break down in truly unnatural ways that even your doctor may not be aware of.

It turns out that because of the way that you eat, you are actually poisoning yourself with every bite that you take. “Wait a minute,” you say. “I’ve been eating the same diet for all of my life, and I used to be strong and kicking.” Fair enough, but combine a lifetime of eating the wrong kind of foods with the natural slow down that you’re experiencing and all that bad food is finally going to catch up with you.

What medical science has proven is that gut bacteria determine your overall health.

When those gut bacteria come into contact with the wrong foods, it’s called a hidden food allergy. The truth is that this problem has been plaguing you for your entire life—you just weren’t aware of it.

When these gut bacteria come into contact with certain foods the reaction is damaging to your body. Your “colds” or “viruses” may actually be the negative reactions known as hidden food allergies. These aren’t going to turn up in any normal tests your doctor gives you, so you never get treated for them.

Diseaseless is different. This program, the creation of food allergy sufferer Ken Drew and his visionary nutritionist Dr. Patel, says that knowing the right things to eat and the right things to avoid will be like getting a second chance at life.

No matter what your problem is—foggy thinking, aches, a lowered sex drive—there is hope.

Diseaseless is not a diet. It’s about taking control of your body’s immune system by harnessing the power of your natural gut bacteria.

Don’t let a secret food allergy steal more of your life away. Get your copy of Diseaseless today.