How a Restrictive Diet Makes Bulimia Worse and What to Do About It

restrictivedietYou’re on the road to recovery. The last thing that you want to do is to keep yourself from being able to support your body with the nutrients and essential vitamins it needs because you’re not eating properly. Find out how you can still stay healthy and give your body all that it needs.

A restrictive diet starts by taking a toll on your body before it moves onto your mind.

The Bulimia Help Method says that bulimia doesn’t happen in a vacuum. If you look back on your history of living with bulimia nervosa, there’s a good chance that every bulimic episode was preceded by the use of a restrictive diet. That diet was the initial unbalancing of your body’s nutritional needs, and caused the damaging binge/purge cycle to begin.

This is how a restrictive diet harms your brain, which in turn drives you towards a bulimic response. In starvation made the brain can act in ways that it would not act otherwise. Serotonin levels in the brains of people on restrictive diets are known to fall drastically low. Serotonin is a chemical released by the brain that activates our ability to be happy or feel joy. Low serotonin levels have been associated with depression and a host of other mental illnesses. With a restrictive diet, you are basically creating the biochemical groundwork for future unhappiness, something that can lead directly to a relapse into bulimia.

Real recovery means learning how to eat properly, without depriving your body of what it needs.

With the Bulimia Help Method you will see a drop off in binge urges, guaranteed. Eating disorder specialists, doctors, and former bulimia sufferers all agree: the Bulimia Help Method works. It shows you exactly what you need to be eating to keep your body and your mind healthy.

With the Bulimia Help Method there is no stigma for admitting that you need help. Because it is a program created by people who know exactly how you feel. Richard and Ali Kerr were happily married until one day everything changed. Ali finally revealed to Richard that she was bulimic and had been hiding it from him for years. But it didn’t destroy them. Together, Richard and Ali decided to face the problem head on. They sought out help, but when that didn’t work, they had to find answers on their own. The information that they discovered they put into their program for you to have the same success Ali has had in her recovery healing her body and her mind.

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