Enjoy Your Cake and Feel Great Too!

Paleo Recipe Book ImageOur world is filled with unhealthy preservatives, substitutes, and chemicals in our food that are just bad for us. Kelley Herring, an expert on healthy eating, wanted to make it okay to fulfill our sweet tooth cravings without feeling guilty or ruining our health.

In the past, she has written books about eating healthier like Eat to Fight Cancer, Eat to Beat Diabetes, Eat to Lower Cholesterol and Eat to Boost Fertility. Her focus in life is to take recipes she loves and make them healthy and guilt-free.

So she, along with her team, collected recipes for desserts that they know and love, and started trying and testing natural substitutes for all of those unhealthy ingredients in all the recipes. It took several years and a lot of testing, because they wanted to get the recipes just right – without losing any caramelized, crunchy or fudgy texture or any of that sweet flavor! Among these recipes you will find one for crème brulee, pavlova with fresh berries, cheesecake, and even pound cake! Lemon ricotta soufflés, chocolate chip cookies, and some mint chip ice cream are also recipes you can enjoy now, guilt free!

These improved recipes were all compiled into one book – “Guilt-Free Desserts: Your Guide to Better Baking, Featuring 50 All-natural, fail-proof, gluten-free and low-glycemic desserts!” In this book you will not just find recipes. You will also find in-depth nutritional explanations for every substitution, as well as other options of substitutes for any ingredient in baking. This way, you get these prepared recipes, but you also gain knowledge and a guide that teaches you how to turn your own, personal favorite recipes into healthy, guilt-free masterpieces.

In addition to this book, Kelley Herring also provides an extra Gluten-Free Bread Recipe book.  Due to scientific improvement over the past couple of years, and gastronomic discoveries, the dangers of gluten have been uncovered. It is an allergen that affects many. But just because you are sensitive to gluten does not take the bread cravings away – and Kelley helps you live a full and happy life by supplying you with recipes that allow you to eat your favorite foods, gluten free! You can find gluten free recipes for that focaccia bread you miss, that bagel you are craving to have with cream cheese in the morning, or a deep dish pizza crust to make pizza for your family, and even recipes for simple sandwich bread and hamburger buns.

Ms Herring also generously provides a bonus book of great appetizers and cocktails that are healthy and guilt free as well. You do not have to give up hosting great parties or make guests miserable with less-than-delicious foods. Some of these recipes include Coconut Baked Shrimp, Salmon Croquettes, and Stuffed grape leaves among many others. This book also includes explanations for the substitutions, as well as important supplements to take when drinking alcohol in order to not slow down your metabolism.

These books have healthy and tasty tips that will not only improve your diet, but also your weight. They have excellent reviews no matter where you look, and fantastic customer responses. One woman wrote that this new gluten free diet made 30 years of headaches go away and Ms Herring’s books make sure she does not crave or miss these essential goodies. On top of feeling better, she also lost fourteen pounds!

Another woman wrote that she lost 50 lbs after using these recipes, and that it also inspired her to turn her bakery into a healthier space with good-for-you ingredients and not just overly processed and grain-based goods.

Among the Amazon.com reviews, you can find raving reviews for the black bean brownies as well as the chocolate avocado pudding! E.F.B Hall wrote “I don’t often write a review, but I just tried the Chocolate Avocado Pudding, and had to share my impression. The pudding was absolutely delicious! My husband, not a fan of avocados, was blown away, too. I can’t wait to try other recipes. This book is a winner!”

But if these raving reviews and positive feedback do not convince you, you can always order this e-book and if you are not satisfied within 60 days, you get a money back guarantee, no questions asked. That is how confident Kelley Herring and her team are in their product.

There is no wait time between ordering the book Guilt-Free Desserts: Your Guide to Better Baking and receiving it. It is an e-book that automatically downloads in PDF format onto your PC, tablet, and smartphone – making it accessible in every location and easy to take with you! You gain so much knowledge about nutrition and what you are putting in your body from these books! They make you aware of what you are ingesting, and help you gain control of your health! But they also make sure that, while you stay healthy, you stay happy and keep enjoying the good, decadent things in life without feeling guilty!

Eat well and feel guilt free with this great collection of recipe e-books today! Learn more by visiting this site or by following the link below.