Are High Acid Foods Destroying Your Body?

foodchoicesEver wonder how some people make it look easy to stay fit and healthy and live longer? They’re not working out more than everybody else, so what’s their secret?

Everyone who’s been through a high school biology class knows that the body needs certain things to run well. There’s a balance to the elements in our bodies that can get thrown dangerously out of whack when we eat the wrong types of foods. The body’s natural state is somewhat alkaline—that means it’s not acidic—and it should stay alkaline. Eating the wrong types of foods affects our internal pH balance, which in turn makes our bodies highly acidic. This state of high acidity isn’t immediately toxic, but it is toxic over the course of a lifetime, a lifetime that acidity might cut short.

High levels of internal acidity cause heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, and even worse.

The problem is the way that we eat. Food has not always been a constant for the human body. Once upon a time, all of our food came from foraging and hunting. These natural sources of food are what our bodies evolved to survive on. Food changed as people changed. Society allowed food to get better, as people started to grow and cook for themselves. This allowed a huge number of new foods to be added to our diets: things like refined grains, dairy, and different types of meat. Unfortunately, in addition to these foods a growing number of chemicals and toxins have also found their way into the human diet, throwing us off the natural path of holistic eating and leading to the development of horrible diseases.

For nutritionist Emma Deangela, the simple answer to this type of toxic eating is to find the right kind of foods to balance our body’s acid-to-alkaline levels. It means staying away from high acid foods.  She’s outlined everything you need to know about doing that in The Alkaline Diet. These are eating guidelines that people who live well beyond a hundred years old already practice day in and day out.

The alkaline foods you should be eating are the key to transforming your body and your life.

Committing to these nutritional principles means looking and feeling healthy, maybe for the first time in your life. All that it takes from you is just a simple shift in your diet. Alkaline diets purify your body because they can eliminate the poisons inside of you that came along with the bad food choices you’ve made in the past. The acid environment inside of you is a nice neighborhood for any passing virus, fungus or bacteria to make a home. Changing your eating to focus on pro-alkaline foods destroys and reverses the acidity and flushes the disease-causing agents out of your system. Once the toxins are gone the fat disappears too.

Fat loss is as easy as finding the right foods to eat. Figure out what those foods are with The Alkaline Diet.