Live A Vegan Lifestyle Without Sacrificing Taste

Veganism anti meat smallEvery day the vegetarian and vegan trend continues to grow, and with public figures like former president Bill Clinton and Justin Timberlake announcing their enthusiasm for vegan-ism, it’s no surprise. Vegan-ism is more of a philosophy and lifestyle choice than a diet. A person can choose a vegan lifestyle because of ethical reasons, for environmental factors, or generally for better health.

Vegans do not eat anything that is of animal origin, and will not use animal based products for clothing, or any other purposes. However, for many people, the transition into becoming a vegan begins with a shift toward eliminating all animal-based foods. This includes all meat products, dairy products, and eggs. Many animal products today are hormone-filled and toxic to the human body, which is why many vegans report a dramatic health improvement as a result of their lifestyle choice. From asthma, to the common flu or cold, to even migraines or depression, a vegan diet has been known to reduce all sorts of illnesses.

However, despite all of the health benefits that vegan-ism provides, many people find it hard sticking to the dietary restrictions. Even if eliminating meat products from the diet is not a problem, most foods found in restaurants still contain eggs, or dairy products, making eating out a difficult task for vegans. Even staying in and cooking at home is a chore, as most recipes are not vegan friendly either, leaving vegans with limited and boring meal options. However, luckily, being a vegan does not mean that you have to sacrifice all of the foods you know and love. As the vegan trend continues to grow, more and more cookbooks are being released that have vegan-friendly variations of all types of interesting and tasty food.

One of the most popular vegan cookbooks out there today is Are You Sure That’s Veganby Canadian vegan cookbook author Clair Gosse. Claire’s cookbook is full of delicious and simple recipes. The recipes are so good that as you eat them, you’ll find yourself questioning if they are really vegan after all. With her cookbook you can re-introduce your favorite foods such as pancakes, cheesecake, cookie, and vegan eggs back into your diet. You can once again enjoy the foods that you thought you had lost forever. In her cookbook, she even shares a secret recipe for the breakfast favorite, a vegan English Muffin. The cookbook comes highly recommended.

“Claire Gosse has also dedicated more than a decade to veganizing traditional baked goods, resulting in a cookbook full of so many amazing treats, casual reading isn’t recommended on an empty stomach”  -VegNews

Claire’s cookbook makes living a vegan lifestyle easy, and absolutely delicious. The cookbook is even iPad friendly, making healthy cooking a cinch no matter where you are. If you’re weary about purchasing the cookbook, you can just provide your e-mail address and receive 5 free vegan dessert recipes automatically. If you’re ready to start living a healthy, and tasty lifestyle with ease, click here!