7 Foods That Promote Weight Loss


There are certain foods which have properties that can encourage weight loss in a natural way.

1. Broth

Broth is any hot water solution with added goodies. Try boiling chopped herbs and organic vegetables. You can look online for particularly healing recipes. Leave your boiled broth to sit overnight, then strain and drink. You can add salt and pepper for taste. Many nutritionists prefer broth to the trendy juices which abound on the market these days.

Once the vegetables have been strained from the broth, you can enjoy them separately, adding fish, meat or whole grains to the mix.

2. Coconut oil

Many health experts consider coconut a super-food: a food which is calorie poor but nutrient dense. It contains many beneficial nutrients, including very high levels of lauric acid – a powerful virus- and bacteria-destroyer. You can add the oil (extra-virgin) to food or cook with it – a great alternative to canola oil.

3. Apple cider vinegar

An age-old method for weight loss, using apple cider vinegar is actually backed up by science. It is a great source of many minerals, vitamins and healthy fats. These days, you can find it in health stores in liquid or pill form. Make sure that the brand you use is organic and high-quality.

4. Cinnamon

Who knew that the spice used so often in baking is also ridiculously healthy?! Cinnamon can regulate blood sugar levels and has anti-inflammatory properties, among other things. So go ahead and use it generously on granola, coffee, milk, cereal or juice.

5. Lemon

Lemons, known as a great source of vitamin C, are also a natural diuretic, detoxifier and alkalizing agent (a reducer of acidity in the body) – all of which are good processes to promote weight loss. Add lemon juice to your water, salads and juices whenever possible.

6. Fresh juice

Fresh fruit and vegetable juice is a tremendous way to give your body maximum vitamins during the day. Many fruits contain antioxidants, minerals and enzymes which will improve you overall health. A general rule for juicing: the more green items you use, the healthier (cucumber, kale, lettuce). For added deliciousness, use apples, ginger, lemon, beets and coconut.

7. Fresh fruit and vegetables

You already know the value of fresh fruits and veggies. What you may not know: the less you cook them, the more nutrition they retain. When eating them fresh, keep the peel if possible. The most nutrients in a vegetable or fruit can be found in the layer between the peel and the meat.