5 Foods You Should Not Even Think About Eating

burgerDid you know that the supermarket foods that are found in most refrigerators and cupboards today are actually full of hidden health threats? Every time you eat foods without considering their health consequences you are putting your body and life at risk. We may even try to make healthy choices that still wind up doing ourselves harm by eating the wrong foods. The easiest way to tell if a food is good for you or not is how fresh it is. Stay away from packaging and try to go organic as much as possible. Lifegooroo is here to help with this list of five foods that you should not even think about eating.

1. Margarine

Years of low-fat diet eating advice that told us that we should avoid butter and replace it with margarine turned out to be the worst advice possible. Trans-fats are one of margarine’s worst offenders, but the butter substitute also comes packed with dangerous preservatives, emulsifiers and free radicals. Avoid the dated health advice and stick to butter: it contains essential fats that our bodies need, and disease-fighting benefits too.

2. Sugar

Sugar is bad for more than just your teeth. Your hormones, immune system, your weight and the amount of important minerals in your body are all negatively affected by sugar. When sugar gets into your body it starts to actively waste away the nutrients in your system—it kills the things your body needs, like calcium. What’s worse, sugar is almost impossible to avoid, even if you aren’t adding it to your cup of coffee in the morning. This makes sugar probably the most sinister food on this list.

3. Artificial Sweeteners

So to avoid sugar you decide to use an artificial sweetener. Big mistake. Artificial sweeteners contain aspartame, a highly scrutinized sugar substitute. Aspartame is processed by the body into formaldehyde—yes, the same chemical that is used to preserve dead bodies—which is something that in large enough amounts can damage your DNA.

4. Salt

Salt that you buy to fill your table’s salt shaker is not all pure salt: the rest of it is made up of toxic chemicals. Sea salt has even worse percentages of sodium chloride to other chemicals. Ferrocyanide and silicon are not things that your body needs. Keep this in mind when you sprinkle some salt into your dish. Salt is necessary for your body, but it’s going to come with added risks.

5.  Anything in a Can

Canned foods can help make getting dinner together an easier task, but when you buy canned food you’re getting a lot more than just food that is not particularly fresh. Canned foods are full of preservatives, salt, and the dangerous chemical BPA. BPA has been found to be carcinogenic, cause reproductive health issues, and cause heart disease. Not the kind of health choices you want to trade in order to make life a little bit easier by not preparing fresh vegetables.

To find out more about which foods to eat, and what to avoid like the plague, click here.

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