What If You Could Get the Full Benefits of Meditation in Half the Time?

meditationMeditation is the time tested way to relaxing your body and mind. The benefits of this kind of wellness are immeasurable, but many people just don’t get to meditate the way they should. They don’t have the time or the ability to clear their minds enough to reach the relaxed level they need to experience the benefits. Imagine how much more you could get out of meditation if you actually had the time necessary to practice it. Or imagine getting rid of the annoying distractions that keep you from really, truly relaxing your mind. There has to be a way to do that, right? The Depth Factor says there is.

The Depth Factor is the kind of program that works even for people who have been practicing meditation for years. Even if you’ve had success with meditating in the past, this program can still work for you. Many people who know how to practice meditation still feel like they could go deeper, and free themselves further, if they only knew how. This is how The Depth Factor does it.

This is the secret to priming your mind for a richer, more immersive meditation experience.

The scientific key to the success with meditation you can learn from The Depth Factor is achieving the little understood mental state known as the Alpha state. The Alpha state is something that you already have achieved, even though you may not have realized it. The Alpha state is something that happens to you every night—or every time you take a nap—right before you fall asleep. It’s a dreamlike, half-wakefulness that is created when your brainwaves assume a different, slower pattern as your brain prepares your body for sleep. What Jack Costa discovered in his years of meditation research and mindful practice is that achieving the Alpha state through meditation is possible. By using this relaxed state of mind the full benefits of meditation can be achieved in less time than it takes to meditate using ordinary Beta brainwaves. It’s like taking a short cut to the peaceful core of your inner self, and it will take only moments out of your day.

The Depth Factor eliminates distraction and confusion by turning off that part of your mind.

With The Depth Factor you’ll know that you have reached a new level of relaxing meditative freedom because you won’t have to struggle anymore to reach the calm and relaxed state you need to be truly at peace, you will always be in it. It will be as if a relaxing rift has opened up in the floor of your life, and the rope connecting you to the ceiling has been cut, letting you fall freely into the depths that you know have no limit underneath you. You will feel the wind rushing past your face and your face itself determining the path of the wind as it moves, making room around the descent of your body into the warm darkness that is everything like a hug, forever. Nothing you dream up can prepare you for the exciting, new level of awareness that awaits you through a deeper meditation experience with The Depth Factor .