The 3 Things NOT To Do During A Panic Attack

– Contributed by – Barry McDonagh, the creator of the best selling anxiety treatment program “Panic Away”. 

PANIC-ATTACKS-facebook-1All people who have had panic attacks in their lives, have in some way either intentionally or unintentionally re–trained themselves to think in a positive constructive manner rather than negative spirals of anxious thought.

Here are 3 things that you should not do during a panic attack: 

1. Do NOT fight a panic attack.

The number one mistake people make when they feel a panic attack begin, is to try and fight or resist it. It is an automatic response to want to fight the panic off but it does not help, in fact it makes matters worse.

What we resist persists. You need to adopt a new approach of ‘non-resistant flow’.

2. Do NOT fear ‘losing control’.

The second mistake people make when having a panic attack is to fear they are going to lose control of their body or their minds.

That is really not the case. Your body and mind are well able to handle the heightened nervous arousal of a panic attack. Learn how to let go of this fear.

3. Do NOT think this will last forever.

Panic attacks have a natural cycle of peaking and then easing off. Like a wave rising and falling, they do pass. Remind yourself of this fact when you fear the panic attack will never end.

It will not escalate to the point of no return.

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