Animation: What Alzheimer’s Disease Looks Like

Writer/director David Shenk created a short animated film depicting Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s is an irreversible neurodegerative disease that affects memory, judgment and mood in people aged approximately 65 and older. On a cellular level, synaptic connections in the brain deteriorate as abnormal proteins accumulate around them.

This disease ravages both patients and their families, who often struggle to treat the sufferer, who may neither recognize his caregivers nor understand the situation he is in.

Shenk explains: “These very-short ‘pocket’ films are designed to be viewed anywhere at any time: a doctor’s office, a congressional hallway, a family living room. Please take them. Put them on your own website or PowerPoint presentation; play them on your phone or tablet. They are free for non-commercial use.”

The animated film (below) depicts the changes that Alzheimer’s forces on the human brain. Shenk hopes that his project will promote awareness and treatment of the disease.