A Natural Way to Fight Memory Loss from Alzheimer’s

memorylossMaybe you know someone who has Alzheimer’s. Maybe you know what it’s like to approach someone you’ve known for your entire life—someone like your parent, or your spouse—only to see a look of total confusion on that person’s face when they are unable to remember who you are. Maybe you have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s yourself, and even in these early stages, you can already sense that you aren’t remembering things the way you used to.

But to fight memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients, treatment options are limited. Your doctor may prescribe drugs, but what are you really getting in those pills? Can you trust a drug to help you if the ingredients that it has inside of it have names that you don’t even think you can pronounce? What are all of those ingredients in there for anyway? What Alzheimer’s symptoms are they proven to solve? The answer is written right there on the label too.

Chemically produced drug treatments only ease the “behavioral symptoms” of the disease.

It’s a horrible feeling to see someone’s memory slipping away. It’s like watching them disappear. It’s even worse to find out that there isn’t much you can do to stop it from happening. Mainstream medical treatments for Alzheimer’s can’t stop the deterioration caused by the disease.

Memory loss due to Alzheimer’s, the label on the bottle would lead you to believe, is inevitable. But with all of the ingredients in that regularly prescribed Alzheimer’s drug are exclusively made from synthetic, unnatural chemicals, has there been any success treating Alzheimer’s with alternative methods? Have naturally-sourced cures been found to reverse the debilitating effects in any way?

The Brain Booster Program is one Alzheimer’s treatment that can fight memory loss and doesn’t require you to pump you or your loved one full of Big Pharma’s chemicals.

Where did this program come from? John Wells never thought that he would wind up creating a treatment to fight Alzheimer’s dementia. That all changed on the day he found a gun pointed at his face. His elderly father was the man pointing that gun. He pulled that trigger, the bullet missed, and John Wells’s life changed forever. His father was diagnosed with Stage II Alzheimer’s. Lynch dedicated himself to finding a way to help his father regain the abilities that he had lost to the disease. What his research discovered forms the backbone of The Brain Booster Program.

It turns out that there is an enzyme responsible for memory loss which can be fought, naturally.

Based on research done at Yale, the enzyme striatal-enriched tyrosine phosphatase, or STEP, was found to be responsible for most memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients. STEP eats away at kinases, proteins, and receptors in the brain, destroying memory function and cognitive abilities. The Brain Booster Program is designed to destroy STEP before that can happen.