6 Things Unhappy Women Do

unhappywomenThere’s no way for women to avoid feeling a little bit sad at times, but some of us get stuck in negative thinking that can turn bad days into bad weeks, maybe even bad months or years. You know you’re unhappy if you’re doing any of the six things on this list.

1. You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep: If you’re not sleeping, you’re not getting the rest that your body and mind both need. This one can be part of a cycle that keeps women trapped in depression: lack of sleep leads to feeling bad, and feeling bad can keep you up at night. A regular schedule with 8 hours sleep is a must.

2. Worrying About What Other People Think Too Much: There’s nothing wrong with adjusting something you’re doing because you don’t want to offend people or avoid criticism. But if everything you’re doing is centered around the expectations of society or other people, you aren’t living life for yourself, you’re letting other people do it for you. That makes you unhappy. You need to believe that what you think about yourself matters most, not what they do.

3. Isolating Yourself from the Rest of the World: The world is a harsh place. It can take a lot out off anyone to deal with other people. But cutting yourself off from the rest of the world is another one of those things that leads to depression and then makes it worse. Once you cut yourself off from people, you feel sad and alone. Once you feel that bad, you’re less likely to ever get back in touch. Make sure you have social outlets, it’s a vital necessity for everyone.

4. You Refuse to Forgive People for Things That Upset You: It’s natural to feel upset with people who hurt your feelings. But if someone comes all the way around and makes a real effort to apologize and make things better you aren’t going to make yourself happy by holding a grudge. Women need to let go or they tear themselves apart with this kind of attitude. Learn to accept apologies and you can actually move on after you’ve been hurt.

5. You Won’t Consider How Things You Say or Do Affect Other People: You have a right to speak your mind, and no one can take that away from you. But if you think that it’s going to make you happy to trash talk everyone or go around hurting other people’s feelings you’re only going to find yourself isolated and alone, if not hated by all the people around you.

6. Whenever Things Get Hard, You Give Up: This one kills unhappy women. Something comes up and everything is alright, until something goes wrong. From there it’s just a matter of time, or a string of excuses, before you decide that you can’t deal anymore and decide that you’re done: you’re going to give up. This is self-defeating behavior and you’re better than that!