5 Ways to Cure Anxiety On Your Own

Money, work, kids, a love life, family, school, the World—is there anything else they can throw at you? Worse, it could be the little things that go wrong in your every day routine that you just can’t handle. You are freaking out, and it is starting to affect your well-being. Anxiety attacks are real, and they can be really scary. Here are five natural ways to cure anxiety on your own.

1. Take a Valerian Supplement

Valerian is a natural anxiety-reducer and sleep aid. The natural sedatives in Valerian mean that you probably won’t want to take it during the day, but it can mean the difference between a restful night’s sleep and aggravating your anxiety by being sleep deprived. The bad part about Valerian is that it reeks. The smell of Valerian prevents it from being used as a tea (unless it is heavily masked by other ingredients). Most people who take Valerian take it in capsule form.

2. Drink Chamomile Tea

The same calming effects that make chamomile a major ingredient in topical creams that soothe itching can help make you relax. Chamomile comes in lots of different forms, but it is most commonly found in teas. Chamomile affects the same part of the brain that reacts when you take a Valium.

3. Get More Exercise

It only takes a little bit less than half an hour for exercise to prime your body to resist feelings of anxiety. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise that you do—running, strength training, swimming, elliptical, even speed walking—as long as you get active and get your heart rate up you will be fighting off anxiety.

4. Smell Lavender Oil

Lavender isn’t just pretty and purple. The wonderful smell of lavender is actually a mild and safe intoxicant. That’s why it’s been found to help people who are about to head into stressful situations feel more relaxed. When you feel anxious, or if you’re heading into a nerve-wracking situation like a meeting or a test, fill your room with the scent of lavender oil and take a few deep, meditative breaths.

5. Change Your Diet

Diet plays a big part in regulating the way your body works. In some cases, anxiety may be fueled by not eating enough, or not eating at the right times. If your blood sugar is low, you may start to feel more anxious. The quickest way to resolve that is to have a bite of a snack right away—chocolate works. Another way to combat anxiety is to make sure you don’t skip breakfast. Eggs as a breakfast stand by contain a lot of the protein, choline. Low levels of choline have been associated with higher levels of anxiety in patients. You should also make sure to have a diet full of omega-3s. The fatty acid is famous for its brain-boosting and heart-protecting abilities, but it can also fight depression and anxiety.

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