Want a Hot Body for Summer? Workout Like This!

woman work outSummer is almost upon us but it’s not too late to get working on the best body you can have when you head out for the beach or pool. Here are some workout and fitness tips that can help you tone up and look great in the sun.

Pull-Ups: There is a misconception that this exercise has been around for so long that it must not be effective. This is the furthest thing from the truth: the pull-up has been around for so long because it works so well at working the back, shoulders, biceps, pecs and lats. It’s the all around upper body work out and all you need to do is hang in there.

Warm Ups: Before you get started during each workout, you want to warm up your body. That means warming up all of your body, not just your legs. Stick to the rowing machine at the gym if you want an exercise that is going to engage all of your body and not just your lower body.

Switch It Up: Mind over matter is a phrase that you can now apply to your workout routine. Make your body work harder by switching up your workout routine during each visit to the gym. Do muscle building for ten minutes, then throw yourself into a cardio exercise, then repeat. You’ll be working your body and keeping your heart pumping hard at the same time.

You can also increase the efficiency of your workouts by varying the way you exercise. The idea is that by engaging your body in different ways you’ll build strength to respond to every situation instead of just one if you workout the same way every time you hit the gym. Don’t repeat the same exercises every time you workout: Increase the weight one day, but do fewer reps. The next day, decrease the weight but increase the number of presses you do. You’ll make your body more flexible and tone up at the same time.

Eat Right: Any fitness plan in going to include a weight management dimension. If you want to look fit for summer, you still have time to change the way you’re eating now. Try to limit your refined carbs—the stuff you find in bread, sugar and cereals—and increase more protein for every meal. Make sure that your body doesn’t go into starvation mode by including a high energy snack between your main meals. This will keep your mood stable and limit overeating during each meal which means you’ll put on less weight.

If you’ve ever invested hours into your training each day, to see little to no results… OR followed a restrictive eating plan, only to find your body gaining back the weight once you stopped dieting… There’s good news:

You can get a strong body
You can build muscle
You can radiate with confidence knowing you’ve earned it

The problem with most fitness programs is despite their best intentions, you seem to work harder and harder for less and less. That’s why we found the perfect step-by-step system for reaching all of these goals, specifically for women like us. Interested? Check out:

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