More Working Out, Less Stressing Out


The millenials are a very stressed-out generation. Between global warming, ISIS terror attacks and the fallout form the 2008 recession, things are tough. No wonder that the young folks who make up the generation born between 1980 and 2000 have their heads stuck in electronic devices all day, preferring to watch life pass them by on Instagram and Snapchat, rather than in reality.

Studies show that 50% of millenials suffer from disturbing levels of stress while 20% have been diagnosed with depression.

It is a modern cultural phenomenon that people in the slightest bit of distress turn to professional psychiatric help or to mood-stabilizing medicines, when it might not be necessary. It reflects the culture around us: a capitalist structure where supply must meet demand instantly. We have had the patience and determination trained out of us. Sometimes, digging deep and taking on long-term challenges can solve a lot of issues and bring about self-discovery and healing.

Studies have conclusively shown that physical activity that releases endorphins into the bloodstream is a powerful tool in counteracting depression and mental imbalance. In a world of virtual reality and electronic landscapes, getting up and out for physical exercise is a neglected option for improving not only health but overall mood and state of mind. Here are some options that you can try:

Yoga for Relaxation

Hot yoga, or any yoga, is an age-old, proven method for relaxation of both the body and the mind.

Spinning for Tough Love

By far the trendiest workout of the moment, spinning classes have a unique way of breaking down your emotions and then building them back up again, with an extra dose of confidence. The addition of being in a group – which provides a sense of teamwork and peer pressure, but also gives a very personal level of challenge on the bike – makes for a perfect workout.

Running for Problem Solving

Running in a park or on the streets, with your favorite music playing, is also a great time to think through dilemmas. For some reason, it seems easier to focus on an idea when running – unless, of course, you do it with a partner.

Kickboxing for Anger

A kickboxing group can involve boxing equipment or not. Either way, it is a killer, draining, full-body experience; punching and kicking will wipe away any intense stress you might be feeling. In the process, it will also tone your entire body and burn a good amount of calories.

Barre for Self-esteem

Barre, a workout comprised of movement from Pilates and ballet, involving a balancing bar, is designed to tone your body and strengthen muscles. If you’re feeling down or unsatisfied with the fit of your new jeans, a Barre class will give you the exercise you need to feel a bit better.

Weightlifting for Inner Strength

Weightlifting is being proven, by new studies, to be much more helpful with weight loss than previously thought. In a big-picture sense, the process of investing time in building muscle tissue and watching your body transform slowly and incrementally is a great mind/body lesson in patience and hard work. You are capable of whatever you set your mind to. Please consult a trainer if you are inexperienced with weights and the correct way to use them.