Learn How To Jump Higher

Ask almost any basketball or volleyball player what they would most like to improve, and their response will be their vertical jump. Some people believe that their vertical jump cannot be changed. That it’s a physical characteristic that cannot be improved. Those people are wrong. Other people believe that overall strength improves the vertical jump. That by becoming stronger,they will be able to jump higher. Those people are also wrong.

There is however, a proven way to improve the vertical jump, that can answer the prayers of thousands of athletes all over the world. While natural physical traits certainly do play a role in how high individuals can jump, there is a way to train people to improve their natural jumping ability, giving them a serious edge over their competition, no matter what sport they play.

Learning how to improve the vertical jump is no piece of cake. And while there are tons of vertical jump training manuals on the market, many of them simply don’t work. Thankfully, there is one product on the market that has proven time and time again to produce results. And very impressive results at that.

The Jump Manual is the most comprehensive vertical jump training manual on the market today. The author, Jacob Hiller, is a trainer who has trained high school, college, NBA and Olympic athletes, as well as professional dunkers. For the past ten years he has been developing vertical jump explosion techniques, and using them to train athletes and coaches to reach their maximum potential. He has helped countless athletes gain 40+ verticals.

Jacob’s program is the only program on the market that targets every single facet of the vertical explosion. The reason his program works and others don’t is the only way to maximize the vertical jump explosion is to train every aspect of the vertical jump. And Jacob does so very effectively. Not only does this program produce results, but it produces results quickly. It is not uncommon to notice improvements of 1 inch per week when using his program!

With Jacob’s program, you will receive:

  • A complete workout chart: This chart shows you how to get the maximum effectiveness out of your workout
  • A complete training video library: These videos show you exactly how to complete each exercise and stretch
  • A precise nutrition plan: The plan details exactly what you can eat to increase gains and reduce injury
  • One-on-one training: via e-mail you will be able to ask individualized questions
  • Weight room alternatives: For those without access to a weight room, there are alternatives offered
  • And much more…

Are you ready to get an edge on your competition, and start dominating on the court or field? Get the Jump Manual today!