Innovative Approach To Yoga Burns More Calories Than Jogging

yoga at the end of the worldIs it possible for you to lose all your excess body weight and unattractive flab without doing any kind of crunches, cardio, or spending any time at the gym? It seems impossible, but that is exactly what Kris Fondran claims that anyone can do by taking up her innovative approach to yoga.

Yoga, the ancient meditative body exercise technique, says Kris Fondran, can actually work better than other types of exercise because it burns the same number of calories and causes less stress and injury to your body. Her exclusively designed yoga program is called Shapeshifter Yoga, and we are taking a look at whether or not it really is as effective at helping you drop all those extra pounds as it claims to be.

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Shapeshifter Yoga says that it’s possible to burn more calories doing yoga than you can by jogging. That seems pretty counter-intuitive, since what you usually picture when you think about yoga are people in calm, stationary poses. Fondran, who has a master’s in Exercise Science, has an excellent knowledge of anatomy and how the human body performs. In experiments that she conducted in laboratories, she measures her body’s caloric expenditure while she was performing some simple yoga postures. Doing these for long enough brings you to a state that she calls, “flow,” a point where the body is burning fat at extremely high rates. During ten minutes of flow, Fondran measured herself burning as much as seventy calories, just by assuming different yoga postures. At that rate, in a normal yoga routine of one hour, it is possible that you could burn almost five hundred calories—exactly what you’d burn while jogging for the same amount of time. Take that in combination with the lower impact yoga has on your legs and hip joints compared to running, and you can see how yoga’s benefits outweigh all the negatives of a rigorous exercise regimen.

The other way that yoga helps you lose weight is by helping you de-stress. When you are worked up through aggravations—physical or emotional—your body creates the hormone cortisol, and when cortisol is released in your body it makes you want to eat. Cortisol is the source of the “stress eating” that makes you reach for one snack after another when you find yourself stressed out. Yoga has been practiced for years as a way to relax your body and your mind, which means that it can keep you thin by eliminating the harmful release of cortisol. Shapeshifter Yoga goes one step further by eliminating the stress of the yoga class. You never have to worry about the judgment of a classroom full of other people, or an instructor who moves way too fast for your experience level, because Shapeshifter Yoga comes straight into your home with an extensive audio and video library. This amazing collection gives you unlimited access to instructional videos for all of the different specially designed poses in the program, step-by-step videos to follow along with the yoga flows, instructional manuals, wall charts, and even more.

What is best about the program is that you won’t have to bother with the annoyances of changing your diet, counting calories or having to find someplace to workout. Everything you need to drop the annoying extra weight that has been causing you pain and stress comes right into your home with Shapeshifter Yoga. It works because you can do it your way, all with a 60-day 100% money back guarantee!

If you have always thought about trying out Yoga, here is your chance to really revitalize your body and gain all of the benefits for a ridiculous price. Click here to learn more.

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