7 Fitness Hacks You Need to Start Using Now

hopewell_nutrition_48Everyone wants to start living healthy, and for easy ways to do it. Here are seven fitness hacks to start leading a healthier life:

Use avocado instead of butter on your toast. Avocado is a great substitution for butter. It has a huge amount of the healthy fats our bodies need to function at their best, plus more potassium than you can get from eating a banana.

Unplug and go offline. It doesn’t matter if you do this once a day for a specific number of hours or if you have whole days dedicated to living off the grid: you will reduce your stress levels by shutting off your phone and getting off of the internet every once in a while. You can devote all the extra time you’ll have away from the screen to healthier things like exercise. Or you can use that time to…

Meditate every day. Even if it is just for five minutes, you will become a more centered, less stressed person if you spend time clearing your mind of nagging, depressing thoughts. On a physical level, when you are stressed your body’s adrenal gland creates cortisol, a hormone that increases blood sugar levels. Among several negative effects, cortisol can lead to your body craving more food than it needs, and from there weight gain. Meditation means less stress, less stress means less fat.

Eat chocolate instead of sugar-based candy. This seems indulgent, but it’s true—eating chocolate has a bunch of health benefits. It’s packed with antioxidants, it helps to increase brain activity, and is a natural mood enhancer. Sugar-based candies won’t provide any of chocolate’s benefits and have all of the nutrient-sapping side effects of sugar.

Cook your own meals Cooking your own meals is not only healthier for you because it gives you complete control over what you put into your food (and eventually, into your body), but also because it means you are going to have to make trips to the store to shop for all those ingredients. And after that you are going to hustle around the kitchen preparing all that food—a workout in itself.

Eat before you shop. Subconsciously, you make different decisions at the store based on how hungry you are when you shop. There have been studies that show that hungry people actually purchase unhealthier food because their starving bodies are telling their brains to maximize the amount of fat and calories. Shop on a full stomach and you will make better decisions at the grocery store.

Replace Black Tea with Green Tea. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be drinking more green tea. Each cup is working to fight belly fat and increase heart health. It is perfect in smoothies, iced or hot and it doesn’t need any sweeteners to taste great.

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