4 Gym Workout Ideas That Burn Fat

4-easy-ways-stick-with-your-workout-program_aGuys who go to the gym but can’t seem to shake the fat probably could be working out the wrong way. Just benching isn’t going to do much for burning off fat. Here are some workout ideas on how to burn as much fat weightlifting as you would if you were doing cardio.

1. Switch It Up

Make sure to switch between working out your lower body and upper body throughout your workout. This will keep your entire system working, and lessen the amount of stress that you put on one particular half of it. Working out your entire body also makes sure that you don’t throw your appearance out of balance, and look top- or bottom-heavy.

2. Less Weight, More Reps

Weightlifting is more than just seeing how much you can bench. If you cut down on the weight you lift and do more reps your body will burn more fat. This also builds what is called lean mass—that means you get more cut than bulked up. Doing more reps also has a cardio benefit that will make your heart stronger.

3. Longer Exercise Intervals, Shorter Down Periods

If you extend the length of time you spend doing an exercise and lower the amount of rest time that you take between reps, your heart rate will stay up. These are called interval workouts. With a steady high heart rate the body responds by using energy the way that it would during an aerobic workout like rowing or long-distance running instead of an anaerobic workout that weightlifting usually is. The difference between the two is how your body burns fat, and aerobic workouts are better for that. Try doing two or three different exercises back to back before you take a rest. But then only give yourself a break of about two or three minutes before you go back at it again.

4. Eat Right Before You Workout

There are two schools of thought about eating and working out and whether one or the other makes you lose weight faster. One theory is that you should not eat before you workout. The other theory says the opposite: if you are heading into the gym you should definitely have a snack beforehand. The difference between the two is if you want to burn calories or burn fat. The Staying-away-from-food theory says that skipping a meal stops your body from releasing carbohydrate-burning insulin, forcing your body to burn off stored fat instead. The eating-before-workout theory says that burning stored fat burns less calories and will not help lose weight. The only way to decide between these two is to see what works out best for your body. If working out on an empty stomach causes you to feel dizzy, don’t do it. If working after eating makes you cramp up, skip the meal.

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