How Can You Save Your Family When No One Else Can?

survivalIn the worst crisis situations, SWAT teams are powerless against one foe that winds up killing more people than anything else. What is this mystery threat? It’s not anything that you would expect like terrorism or violent drug cartels—it’s disease. A new book called Survival MD wants to show you how you can save your family when no one else can.

Robert Grey knows just how dangerous a threat disease poses for everyone in this country. He knows because he was forced to live through it himself. In August 2005 he was just living his life when news broke that Hurricane Katrina was barreling its way into New Orleans, where he lived.

He would have made it out of the city unharmed, but something kept him back.

His father refused to leave his home. So Robert stayed behind to help the man who had raised him. As a result, he watched the house where he grew up get washed away in the rising, contaminated floodwaters. Worse still, his father soon complained of terrible headaches and vomiting.

With the help of a makeshift boat, Robert managed to bring his father to the hospital—now overrun with patients from all over the city and completely cut off from additional resources and supplies. People were dying everywhere. Robert’s father was one of them.

What killed him? It wasn’t the cut on his ankle, but it was the vibrio infection inside of the cut that did. The contaminated floodwater had seeped into a simple scrape on Robert’s father’s foot, and now he was dead.

Make no mistake—there could be dark times ahead.

Robert believes that in crisis situations like Katrina—situations that are becoming more and more frequent with the breakdown of world order—you won’t be able to depend on an already fragile medical industry to be there to help you get treatment. He started to research how medicine works in other parts of the world, and with the help of veteran doctors in these places he created Survival MD.

Robert describes Survival MD as the one source to learn all of the preventive medicine you’ll need to fight against the conditions that thrive in chaotic situations like floods and other disaster areas. If he had Survival MD back in Katrina, maybe that simple water-contaminating disease would never have killed his father. Using a rule of thumb that says 80% of the worst conditions are caused by just a few root causes, Survival MD teaches you how to focus your efforts into maintaining the best self-care by doing as little as possible.

Wanting to prepare yourself for the dark times ahead is for the good of your whole family. If there was ever any doubt in Robert Grey’s mind about that, it went away when he lost his dad. Survival MD says it is the best way to keep your family from becoming just another statistic.

If you want to save your family when no one else can, check out the free video below: