5 Most Amazing Breakthroughs In Fertility Treatments

A foetus in the wombGetting pregnant is easy and even accidental for some, while quite a struggle for others. However, in 2013 and 2014, the pregnancy-challenged people of the world got some amazing breakthroughs.

Here are the top five recent breakthroughs:

1. No more egg donations
New technology that boosts a woman’s ability to produce healthy, viable eggs might phase out the practice of egg donation in the coming years.

2. Ovarian tissue transplant
Last year, a woman whose ovarian tissue had been removed and frozen ten years earlier had the tissue successfully re-implanted, and actually became pregnant with twins.

3. Older and more fertile
Until now, women over 40 have been considered extremely difficult subjects for fertility treatments. But now, new statistics show that healthy women aged 35-40 who have strategic sex for pregnancy purposes during the most fertile days of their cycle, are only six percent less likely to get pregnant than their 20-34 year old peers.

4. Embryo adoption
Many couples who undergo IVF treatments wind up with leftover frozen embryos. Now it’s possible for couples to donate their embryos to other infertile couples.

5. Cheaper, better IVF
A new type of IVF called “mini-IVF,” which costs half the price of the traditional process, is proving to be just as effective in women 35 and younger, as well as 50% more effective in women over 40 years of age.