This New Snoring Analyzer App Will Help You And Your Loved Ones Sleep Well Again

It is the scourge of many a sleepless night, leaving partners frustrated with rage at the most ungodly hours, as their loved one merrily snores away next to them.

This is exactly when the Snoring Analyzer app can make all the difference!

The Snoring Analyzer app records your snoring at night and then uses a unique algorithm to allocate a unique Snore Score; indicating the severity of your snoring over the course of a sleep session.

The Snore Score acts as a means of comparing snoring patterns across different nights, allowing you test the effectiveness of various snoring remedies. It can also measure the impact of various factors that influence snoring, such as alcohol and caffeine consumption, sleeping on your side, using a different pillow etc.

Snoring disrupts your healthy sleep and can cause serious damage, often acting as a contributing factor to such ailments as fatigue, heart burn, depression and even heart attacks and strokes.

If your loved ones complain about your snoring or you suspect that you are snoring, you should really address this problem once and for all.

Download The Snoring Analyzer app here:

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