What Might Trigger Rosacea?

rosaceaIt is a difficult task to find out the triggers of this persistent ailment usually known as Rosacea. This is known as the most disruptive skin disease among all types of skin diseases. Conventionally, this disease has periods of remission and flare-ups and thus it is quite necessary during therapy and treatment to keep it in remission.

What are Rosacea triggers and how they affect the skin?

The daily routines of life including environmental and eating factors tend to flare-up Rosacea. By keeping in mind the anxiety and embarrassment of this persistent skin disease, identification of those factors that flare-up the virus is quite essential.

It has been noticed that each case of Rosacea has different aspects and every case has its own flare-ups. So, identification of Rosacea triggers is the most difficult task for skin specialists and doctors. According to a survey and proper analysis conducted by the National Rosacea Society, it has been revealed that constancy has been found in the triggers of this troublesome skin disease.

The result of this survey along with the most identified triggers is given below (with their percentages).

  • Exposure to Sun (81%)
  • Stress and Anger (79%)
  • Severe Weather Conditions (75%)
  • Windy atmosphere (57%)
  • Hard Training and Exercise (56%)
  • Consumption of Alcohol (52%)
  • Taking Hot Baths (51%)
  • Cold Weather Conditions (46%)
  • Consumption of Spicy and Hot Food (45%)
  • Other Heat Exposures (41%)
  • Skin Care Products (41%)
  • Hot drinks (36%)
  • Cosmetic products (27%)
  • Medicines (15%)
  • Several Medical Situations (15%)
  • Preserved Meats (10%)
  • Different Vegetables (8%)
  • Certain Dairy Products (8%)
  • Other Reasons (24%)

The list of Rosacea triggers has been provided so you can identify your skin disease more easily. Though the above mentioned triggers are surveyed among millions of people, a cure for this disease does not exist.

If you’re sick and tired of those embarrassing red, rash-like breakouts and hiding from the public because of your rosacea, you’ll be glad to know that there’s finally an all-natural remedy that can clear up nearly every kind of rosacea.

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