What Chemicals To Avoid When Fighting Cellulite

sun3When you think about all the soaps, cleansers, lotions and make-up that a woman uses, it becomes easy to see how many times she might actually be doing something negative to her body.

See, just like foods, there are many ingredients in soaps, shampoos, creams and make-up that can have a negative impact on the female hormone system and have an adverse effect on her health and appearance.

But, since there are so many questionable chemicals approved by government agencies, it is nearly impossible for the average woman to know what she needs to avoid.

Here are some of the top offenders to look for and avoid.

1 – Parabens

2 – Sodium laurel sulfate (SLS)

3 – Phthalates

Some of these can also be found in certain medications and dietary supplements, so you want to read your labels and choose “natural” alternatives whenever possible.

Doing this will remove more chemical elements from your external and internal environment, making it easier for your body to function optimally, feel energetic & vibrant and look at it’s absolute best.

Doing this will also make your cellulite reversal efforts much easier and faster.

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