Visual Acuity Training: Can It Help You See Better Without Glasses?


Visual acuity training is the belief that training the eye to repair its own mistakes can eliminate the need for glasses, even in people who have worn them for their entire lives. We looked into a program that teaches visual acuity as a corrective. Anything has to be better than having the eye doctors write yet another prescription for a thicker pair of lenses.

Most advocates of visual acuity training proclaim one statement very loudly: you don’t need to wear glasses. According to these people, the history of visual acuity training stretches back for a long time, and has only recently been obscured because it teaches something that goes against everything that your ophthalmologist will tell you:

Visual acuity training can eliminate the need for an expensive new pair of glasses.

One of the leading programs in visual acuity training is called The Outback Vision Protocol. The big claim that this program makes is that it can show you how you, with the aid of an action plan that only takes 15 minutes out of your day, can make your eyes function better than they have your entire life.

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The idea is that you can force your eyes to correct their mistakes. When you force your eyes to do that on their own instead of relying on lenses in a pair of glasses to do it for them, your eyes eventually learn how to readjust themselves. The result Outback Vision says, is that you can regain or attain perfect 20/20 vision without the aid of prescription glasses. Even more amazing than that feat is the time frame that they say you can do this all in: just a mere 3 months.

Like a lot of other visual acuity training programs, Outback Vision says that the ophthalmological industry is chiefly concerned with promoting the sales of new glasses. But Outback Vision also warns against the dangers of surgery as a corrective measure for bad vision. The risks, they say, are just too high.

Trying to fix your vision by undergoing an operation that could make you blind is just reckless.

Outback Vision and other alternative eye care programs say that there is a better way, a safer way to repair vision. But does it really work? And will it work for you if you decide to ditch your ophthalmologist? From what the trial members have said, the answer might surprise you.

If you are ready to give up your glasses, and don’t want to expose yourself to dangerous laser surgeries, take a closer look at visual acuity training and The Outback Vision Protocol.