Top 10 Diet Tips for Lazy People

EF2087One of the things that can make dieting and staying healthy so difficult is all of the hard work you have to put in to see results. It would be so much easier if excess body fat and bad eating habits would just disappear without all the effort involved. Here are some ways that you can be lazy and still lose weight and stay healthy.


1. Be Realistic

It’s not always a good idea to hold yourself up to other people’s standards of beauty. If you find a way to stay healthy through making the right eating choices and getting regular exercise that makes you happy, your work is already done—even if some people think you need to do more.

2. Thanks, But No Thanks

You are not going to burn off the calories in that piece of cake you don’t really want just by reaching out to grab the plate. If you don’t want something, avoid the weight gain by just saying no. It’s okay not to be gracious sometimes, especially when your health is involved.

3. Make a Game Out of It

There are lots of games that you can play that will help you diet while you’re having fun. You can use a pedometer app to see how many steps you walk, and then try to beat your high score each day. If you have friends who are also dieting, you can compete with each other for bragging rights. There are even video games that can help you lose weight too: try Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinect and see how quickly you break out into a sweat just playing around.

4. Beauty Sleep

This may seem like the laziest way to lose weight but it’s no joke. When you go without sleep, or with little sleep, the stress of it makes your body store fat in ways it might not on a normal night’s sleep. In order to make sure your body isn’t making unhealthy choices for you, make sure you’re getting all the rest you need.

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5. Slow Down

Eating isn’t a race. In fact, eating too quickly can make it harder for your body to digest food properly, which then leads to weight gain.  By taking your time eating, bite by bite your body will actually be able to realize that it is already full well before you finish eating. And when you eat less, you’re putting on less weight.

6. Small Bites

There is only so much food you can put on a plate at one time, but you can fit a healthier amount on a plate that isn’t half as wide as the table you’re sitting at. Try to use the smaller dishes in your dishware set. Or even better: only keep small plates and bowls in your kitchen.

7. Get a Pet

Pet owners have less stress, which means they have healthier bodies just by having animals in the house. Owning a pet also comes with its own routines that double as exercise: kittens and young cats love to be chased between rooms and for you to play-hunt with them, and dogs always need to go out for walks. These are the games that help keep you and your animal in great shape.

8. A Little Bit of What You Want

Part of dieting that can be very hard for people is completely cutting out the tasty foods that may not be the healthiest. However, this approach often leads to failure. It is not realistic to just abandon a food you love. Instead, plan when you’ll splurge. Think of that candy bar you want as a treat you can allow yourself once in a while instead of forbidden temptation.

9. Chore Hard

Everything that you do around your house can be turned into a workout regimen that will save you the time and the expense of a gym membership. Sweeping, raking, mopping, shoveling, washing windows, car washing and gardening can all be used to develop better upper body strength. You can work on your cardio-vascular by literally running your errands. Put your back into it and you’ll end up losing your belly.

10. Think!

Exercise isn’t just for the body. You’re burning calories when your mind is hard at work, too. When you just want to lie around, try reading a book or doing some puzzle games in the newspaper instead of snacking in front of the TV.

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