This Ingenious Device Solves Back Problems Caused By Prolonged Sitting

back_genie_girlIf you work in an office environment and spend most of your day hunched over in front of a screen, you can be sure that your posture is probably atrocious.

The ill effects of sitting too long affect pretty much every part of our body. From organ damage (heart disease, over productive pancreas and even colon cancer) and muscle degeneration (mushy abs & limp glutes) to foggy brains, strained necks and back ache, sitting at your desk all day increases your mortality risk and has a detrimental effect on your overall health.

But do not worry! Thanks to a new product called Betterback you’ll be able to fix the problem without spending gazillions of dollars on one of those new-age ergonomic office chairs.

Betterback is a device that passively and effortlessly forces you to sit with perfect posture. It’s about as low-tech as a chair, and that’s exactly what makes it so brilliant.

Betterback takes a practical approach to helping you sit straight and retain a healthy back, free of pain. Instead of using expensive high tech gadgets or super expensive chairs, Betterback uses a set of simple, adjustable straps to keep your spine from bending into an arc while you sit. It uses your knees and legs to support your back, requires no electricity to run, works immediately and is super affordable.

Here’s a video of how it works:

Betterback is shipped worldwide, and also comes with a FREE eBook & Mobile App that teaches you how to sit correctly and avoid back pain.
Betterback is super easy to use and folds up into a small pouch which you can carry with you wherever you go.
If you suffer from back pain, mild or severe, or want to avoid back pain problems in the future, do your back a favor and get Betterback now.