Bye Bye Back Pain: This Simple Device Makes Sitting up Straight Super-Easy

Woman having back pain while sitting at desk in office
Ever wonder why you’re always dealing with back, neck, or shoulder pain? Your posture is probably at least partially to blame. But it’s hard to remember to sit up straight when your chair seems designed to make you slump.

Luckily there’s an easy way to improve your posture and get rid of that irritating lower back pain: BackGenie. This device is so small you can take it with you anywhere. Unzip it, and it opens up into a simple belt mechanism that makes any chair ergonomic.

We road tested this nifty little product and it’s super simple. When you’re sitting down, you put the back pad against your lower back and wrap the knee pads around your knees, then by adjusting the side straps, you re-align into your ideal posture. It’s basically a seat belt for sitting up straight, and it’s so comfortable you won’t really want to take it off. A few minutes into wearing BackGenie and our slouching office worker backs felt amazing again.

The clever people who designed Betterback say that it helps train your back muscles, which become worn from prolonged sitting, slouching and hunching. The benefits of improving your posture while sitting carry over into your day to day life. It is clinically proven, that poor posture has a negative effect on your outlook, work performance and digestion. BackGenie makes you feel taller, more confident and improves your overall health.

Pain free now!

You can only buy Betterback from Ebay.

You have nothing to lose, except your back pain.

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