Prevent “One Thousand Illnesses”

A-point-of-a-Hundred-Diseases-on-your-BodyAccording to Japanese legend, the “point of one thousand illnesses,” is the secret knowledge which was passed on from father to son, allowing members of a single family to outlive emperors.

The practice of eastern massage therapy is thousands of years old. It has mapped the human body into a landscape of 365 points and 12 main meridians, reflecting the days and months in one year. According to its teachings, the human body is a complete energy system, which massage therapy can trigger, ignite and regulate.

Eastern medicine holds that one particular point on the human body, located below the kneecap, possesses healing and rejuvenating effects, when activated.

In China, this point is called – “the point of longevity” and in Japan – “the point of a hundred illnesses”.

To locate the point, cover your knee with the palm of the same hand. You will find the correct spot between the ends of the little finger and ring finger, noticeable as a small indentation between the bones.

Alternatively, one can sit on the floor and bring your legs towards the body, at the same time pressing the feet firmly to the ground. In this position, it becomes noticeable that below the knee lies a raised area.

With one’s finger, find the highest point and place a finger there. This is the “point of longevity.”

Practitioners of eastern medicine believe that this point can regulate the organs located in the lower half of the human body and tap into the spinal cord in order to facilitate proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, genitals, kidneys, and adrenal system, which excretes adrenaline, hydrocortisone and other vital hormones into the blood.

Massaging this point on a daily basis can bring about several health benefits, including:

Blood pressure regulation, glucose and insulin balance, anti-inflammatory effects, immune system regulation and improved digestion.

It is preferable to massage the “point of longevity” for ten minutes every morning and again before and after lunch – using nine circular motions on each leg. The massage will benefit from relaxed breathing.

While the same practice done in the evening can aid with weight loss – if done immediately before bedtime, one could experience insomnia.

Massaging is especially beneficial when practiced eight days after the start of a New Moon. Be sure to massage this point in the morning, alternately on each leg in the clockwise direction. This is the best time for a massage in order to strengthen the immunity, improve the work of all organs and slow the aging process.