Laser Eye Surgery Complications Continue to Cast Doubts

visionproblemsAs more people seek help for failing eyesight, many of them are choosing to listen to their doctor’s advice and get laser eye surgery. But as the number of patients electing for these procedures grows, laser eye surgery complications are becoming more and more common.

Many patients wind up having to make repeat surgeries to make adjustments, spending much more than they ever expected to pay to repair their eyesight. To make matters worse, the laser eye surgery complications regularly prescribed by optometrists and ophthalmologists can actually damage your ability to see—permanently.

If laser eye surgery is too dangerous, what else can you do to save your eyesight?

You can go with a natural, alternative treatment to strengthening your eye muscles that won’t put your eyes in harm’s way like expensive surgery and pricey lens thickness increase after lens thickness increase.

Laser surgeries aren’t a guaranteed safe way to save your vision from degrading. If you look at the statistics and the personal accounts of people—including some famous celebrities like comedienne Kathy Griffin—it become painfully clear that laser surgeries causes as much harm as it does good. Some people who have gone through surgeries like this have completely lost their eyesight—the very opposite thing that they wanted when the doctor told them to lie down under the machine.

Your eyes are too valuable to just throw away by trusting that the medical industry will care for you as if you were a person and not just a wallet. Your money is what they want to get more than they want to heal your body or fix your problems. In their business model, customer satisfaction is an added bonus, not the goal of treatment.

Strengthening eye muscles has been used to naturally treat vision problems for years .

And the truth is that your optometrist and ophthalmologist don’t want you to know about how it works. Developed by Dr. William Horatio Bates, an ophthalmologist interested in corrective eye procedure, the Bates Method has been spurned by the medical establishment for years in favor of more expensive treatment options.

Because the Bates Method costs next to nothing to perform, doctors found that they were not able to turn people’s vision problems into a recurring source of income. Because it hurt their business, they had to make the Bates Method look untrustworthy.

Luckily, The Outback Vision Protocol has seen through the lies. They are making this knowledge available today to anyone who can’t afford to keep on replacing lenses, or who fears the cost of laser eye surgery complications, and for people who just don’t trust what their doctors have to say any more.

It’s a natural alternative to optometry treatments that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you want to start seeing clearly, take a closer look at The Outback Vision Protocol.