Is There a Real Way to End Neuropathy Pain?

neuropathyA numb, burning, itchy lack of feeling in fingers, toes, or anywhere else on the body that never goes away. Neuropathy pain can come from any number of situations that have caused damage to your nervous system. It affects people who suffer from diabetes or hypertension, some people who undergo chemotherapy, or people who have had severe accidents.

The pain is real, chronic, and can render people unable to do anything for themselves.

That’s why so many people are interested in finding out if there is a way to repair the damage and end neuropathy pain permanently. A large part of this work is done by the medical industry. But even with all of the laboratory expertise that comes with maintaining billion-dollar medical corporations, they still haven’t been able to find a cure. The treatment options that they have developed—medications—are credible ways to dull the pain that is associated with neuropathy. They have also basically admitted that they may not find a cure. A horrible blow to neuropathy sufferers, but a boon for continuing to profit from the sale of pain meds.

Other people have stepped into this breach, hoping to succeed where the medical companies have failed. These independent neuropathy researchers have focused most of their work on trying to find a natural, non-pharmaceutical method to treat neuropathy. A lot of this includes vitamins and supplements. Claims of varying degrees of success have been made, and not all of these people are medical professionals. Take Dr. Randall Labrum, for instance, who himself has struggled with diabetes and neuropathy for years. His own research and travels have helped him discover a treatment for neuropathy that he’s made available as The Peripheral Neuropathy Solution.

Dietary supplements and vitamins can go a long way, but not far enough.

What Dr. Labrum found was that by changing his diet to include some natural and diverse menu items, he could regain the sensation he had lost to neuropathy. He realized that this tailored diet went further to healing his body than just taking vitamins and supplements. That’s because when you take over-the-counter supplements, you lose a lot additional nutrients that come along with getting your vitamins through nutritional sources. What you put on your plate, Dr. Labrum says, goes a long way to helping your body heal.

Considering that pain management is the only treatment option medically available today, there’s a perfect logic to opening a dietary front in the war against neuropathy. If Dr. Labrum is right, The Peripheral Neuropathy Solution just may start getting you feeling again.

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