Stop Your Next Migraine With Salt

6365411_f1024The one thing on the mind of any migraine sufferer is how to end the pain they’re experiencing. A migraine isn’t just any old headache – it can be crippling, put a stop your day, and even last longer than 24 hours. In addition, many migraines cannot be treated with common painkillers. However, a little-known alternative trick for migraine alleviation is: salt!

When using salt to alleviate a migraine, be sure to use high quality salt: Himalayan crystal salt, for example. It contains 84 minerals, electrolytes and elements – making it much more complex than your basic table salt. This particular salt strengthens the immune system, increases energy, balances the body’s alkaline and electrolyte levels and, most importantly, can help relieve a migraine.

How to do it:
Add Himalayan crystal salt to a glass of lemon juice and – drink up!