How To Easily Stop Snoring and Finally Get A Good Nights Sleep Again

How-to-get-rid-of-loud-snoringAre you one of the 50% of adults who snore? Does it bother your partner or leave you exhausted in the morning, after a night of poor-quality, repeatedly interrupted sleep? Poor quality sleep over an extended period of time translates into reduced productivity at work, less quality-time with family, and less energy for the activities you love.

Aside from the obvious disadvantages, a lack of sleep, due to snoring, can lead to serious health problems.

People who are suffering from exhaustion, high blood pressure and inexplicable headaches because of interrupted sleep are very often suffering from a sleep disorder called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).  As shocking as it might sound, the main underlying cause of OSA is none other than – SNORING!

Many factors such as the structure of your mouth (a low, thick soft palate), as well as weight and diet can lead to snoring. While sleeping, the muscles in the roof of your mouth, tongue and throat start to relax. The muscle tissue in your throat can relax enough that they block your airway and vibrate, causing snoring. Overweight individuals can even have extra tissues at the back of their throat that might narrow their airways. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the condition when your throat tissues partially or completely block your airway, preventing you from breathing.

OSA usually involves periods of loud snoring followed by periods of silence when airways become blocked and breathing stops completely. This pause in breathing forces the body to wake up as a defensive mechanism. A sufferer usually wakes up making a loud snort or gasp for air. This continuing pattern of stopped breathing can go on all night long.

While for many people, snoring can be stopped temporarily simply by changing positions in bed, people with OSA wake up dozens of times in a single night as their bodies fight suffocation.

Anyone who suffers from OSA has experienced waking up feeling exhausted, as if they hadn’t slept at all. In fact, interrupted sleep, which does not let the body reach “REM sleep,” the deep type of sleep that renews and refreshes the body, is as good as no sleep at all. A form of sleep deprivation – interrupted sleep over an extended period of time has been shown in scientific studies to contribute to inflammation in the body and medical issues that are associated with this extreme sleep loss: heart attack, depression, type 2 diabetes, stroke and even memory loss.

In the past, the treatment options for OSA were quite limited. Sufferers would have to first be diagnosed by a doctor, undergo tests at a sleep clinic, use uncomfortable breathing devices and even undergo invasive, painful surgery – all of which can cost tons of money!

Thankfully, all that has changed. The modern solution for OSA is surprisingly simple. The newly developed chin strap by Stop Snoring Today is a simple and affordable device that prevents the symptoms of OSA by keeping your breathing passages open while you wear it during sleep. A scientific study conducted at Eastern Virginia Medical School’s Division of Sleep Medicine found this type of device to be highly effective in treating OSA. Furthermore, the chin-strap is clinically tested and doctor approved.

How Does it Work?
When your jaw opens during sleep, your tongue moves to the back of your throat, further blocking your airways and limiting the air you can inhale. As previously described, the air that does make it through causes the noisy vibrations we all know as snoring.

The Stop Snoring Today chin strap works by supporting the jaw and keeping the jaw and tongue in the correct alignment, thereby keeping the airway unobstructed. Unobstructed airways = NO MORE SNORING!

Made from lightweight materials with the sleeper’s maximum comfort in mind, the chin strap has helped thousands get the sleep that their bodies have always needed at night.

Because StopSnoringToday is so sure the chin strap will solve all of your sleep apnea problems – the product is offered with a 30 day money back guarantee – no questions asked! There’s absolutely no risk involved in trying out this life-changing device.

Before resorting to complicated and expensive sleep surgeries – give Stop Snoring Today a try. It’s inexpensive, comfortable and easy. You’ll see your snoring disappear and your life change for the better thanks to improved sleep!