Bulletproof Your Body Against Life-Debilitating Illnesses By Eating Right

$bacteriumQuickly ask yourself: What did you eat today? Now tell me how you actually feel. If you’re complaining of stress, anxiety, depression, aches and pains, foggy thinking, or just a general lack of energy, this natural medical theory will blow your mind. The chances are that those disease-like symptoms are all the result of what’s called hidden food allergies.

Reverse My Disease says there is a way to stop them: BY EATING RIGHT!

This is what Ken Drew found out when he was lucky enough to be recommended to a natural medicine practitioner called Dr. Patel, who has been hailed as a modern day Louis Pasteur. You’ve heard of him, of course—Pasteur figured out how to keep milk from getting spoiled. Dr. Patel’s holistic approach to medicine can teach you how to keep your body from getting spoiled from chronic diseases.

“Foggy thinking, slightly constipated, heart pain, stiff joint, lack of libido…you name it. It’s part of getting old,” you say. “It’s just stress.”

Is it though?

Most of the body’s immune defenses are all located in your stomach, so when you have a hidden food allergy and you expose yourself to harmful foods, your defenses malfunction and disease-carrying bacteria take over. Had you not eaten that one food you were allergic to for breakfast, you would never have gotten sick.

The problem is that the human body is so complex and each one of us so unique, that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of foods and food combinations that can cause a hidden food allergy.

Together, Dr Patel and Ken Drew have developed the Reverse My Disease program, which claims it can bulletproof your body against diseases like arthritis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease and cancers. You won’t need a prescription and there isn’t any kind of medical procedure involved. There’s no medical jargon, no complicated diet to do. What it does do is claim to tell you how to hack your body’s natural defense system.

If you are interested in learning some unconventional ways to get your body bulletproof against disease or if you are suffering from a disease and are fed up with Doctors giving you the same useless advice over and over again using complicated medical jargon, then this natural holistic program could be for you.

Check out Reverse My Disease if you want to prevent disease by learning how to eat food that won’t harm your body.

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* P.S At the very end of this presentation, you will also discover why the holistic approach to medicine can sometimes be totally superior to conventional methods