New Lower Back Pain Solution Takes The World By Storm

Contributed by Dr. Anup Kumar Singh MD  — ASEAN Chiropractors Association.

coolimageEver wonder why you’re always dealing with lower back pain? You can blame it on your posture. But hey, it’s not your fault, sitting up straight isn’t an easy task when your chair seems designed to make you slump.

There is a new scientific and clinically proven device that will help you get rid of that irritating lower back pain: Betterback. This amazing device is so small you can take it with you anywhere. Unzip it, and it opens up into a simple belt mechanism that turns any chair ergonomic.

BackGenie is a result of years of study by leading industry chiropractors and physiotherapists. It’s also being backed by some of the largest physio clinics around the world.

People who have used BackGenie describe a relaxing sensation and an immediate relief on their lower back and claim that after only a few uses with the device their back pain disappears. We at the ASEAN Chiropractic Association were lucky enough to get our hands on a prototype and our patients have confirmed phenomenal results using this device.

BackGenie took years of development and during that time the anticipation for its release among people who suffer from lower back pain has been tremendous. This might explain why the first batch of 5,000 BackGenies sold out within 3 hours after being put on the market. Consider yourself lucky if you manage to get your hands on one now (you can try on Amazon on this page: Betterback), as availability is very limited and the company frequently stops new orders as it can not fulfill the huge demand. If it is available to order, hurry while stocks last.

Demand for Betterback has surpassed 50,000 pre-orders and the company is said to plan a major upgrade to their factory production line in Q3 2016.

ap_imageSource: Associated Press