3 Tips To Get Better Nutrition Even If You Don’t Have Time

– Contributed by – Dr. Charles D.C., Licensed Chiropractor, Wellness Professional and Author of The Fat Loss Factor“.

escritorioTime is one of our biggest enemies when it comes to eating healthy and losing weight. Talking with my clients, I always get the question about “how to lose weight fast without exercise?” The answer to this question is you can do it.

I don’t recommend it, because exercise is important for your body to be healthy, BUT there are people who can do it. The trick to this is you have to be very strict with your diet and make sure that you eat foods that are really healthy for you.

I’ve listed below 3 simple tips to get better nutrition even if you are short on time.

1. Cook in Large Batches

This is a must. If you can take 10 minutes and plan out the meals for the week, you can cook a large pot of soup, beans, etc’ that you can use multiple times throughout the week, or go ahead and pre-cook your fish and chicken. You can eat these over the next few days.

2. Eat 1/3 Of Your Food Raw

Eating raw fruits and veggies takes no real preparation time and is one of the healthiest and best weight loss strategies around. Raw fruits and veggies contain loads of anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, digestive enzymes and fiber to clean your digestive tract and pull out unwanted toxins.

It’s easy to grab some celery sticks, an apple, an orange, carrot sticks, etc’, so the closer it is to nature, the better it will be for you and your waist line.

3. Eat Only When You Are Hungry

If it’s lunchtime at work and you don’t feel hungry, skip it. The worst thing you can do is to go out and grab some fast food and eat it simply because it’s time for lunch. Chances are your body can use the break from digestion and the junk food you would be tempted to get while on the run will only make you tired and sluggish.

In fact, occasional fasting is a healthy practice for most people. Simply tell yourself you are making a choice to improve your health and live longer. I have used this technique very successfully especially when I am traveling and there are just no healthy options. It’s OK to fast. Your liver needs a break from getting rid of toxins.

On the flip side, don’t get carried away with this and do things such as skipping breakfast everyday. Studies have found that people who skip breakfast are over four times more likely to be obese than people who eat something in the morning.

If you’re looking to save time in the morning but don’t want to go without eating, opt for a quick superfood drink like a protein smoothie. Breakfast IS the most important meal because it sets up your metabolism for the rest of the day.

Now go and put these 3 simple tips to good use. These tiny changes will produce BIG results for you!