Why Chronic Hives Are More Than A Skin-Deep Problem

hivesThey itch, they sting, and they look like your skin is burning you up in thick, patchy, lumps and rings. They’re hives and they’re driving you crazy. So far no matter what you’ve been doing to treat your recurring hives, nothing has worked. Momentary relief isn’t cutting it anymore. You want to end the annoyance, and you need to end the pain.

Chronic idiopathic urticaria, or CIU, isn’t a problem for most people. But for others it is a constant source of worry, agitation, embarrassment, and pain. Those people don’t have to imagine the appearance of ugly red blotches and rings all over their bodies—they live with them all the time. This constant pain can do more than affect an individual’s appearance. It can make people start to avoid being seen in public, or develop symptoms similar to those of social anxiety.

Seeking to put an end to the problem of chronic hives, there is no end to the expensive supplements, and ineffective medical treatments being offered on the market today. Unfortunately, all of these treatments share a misunderstanding of the condition that can actually make a chronic urticaria condition worse than it already is. That’s because there is no cure for hives. Period.

Urticaria can’t be treated with a pill or a cream or anything that your doctor can subscribe. Once the chain reaction that sets the hives off begins it cannot be stopped. What can be done, according to the new book and treatment program called Get Rid of Hives, is to treat the underlying cause of chronic urticaria itself.

Paulette Joynt is the author of Get Rid of Hives. A lot like you, she had had her share of urticaria outbreaks. Suffering from hives and from the medical industry’s inability to solve the problem for 20 years—most of her life—led her to take matters into her own hands. She had tried everything from steroids and prescription antihistamines to alternative treatments such as essential oils and acupuncture. None of it worked.

Part of the problem is that allergies are not responsible for hive outbreaks, at least not the kind that are caused by urticaria. Testing for susceptibility to irritants in order to treat hives presents a whole new set of problems. Allergen tests for people with hives will often turn up a lot of false positives confusing the course of treatment even further. Meanwhile, the outbreaks keep coming as the processes responsible for creating the hives go on unhindered.

What Paulette discovered and what Get Rid of Hives says is that the processes behind hives can be stopped, through easy, natural means. That means people may have a chance to live hive-free maybe for the first time in their entire lives. For that along, this book should get a lot of people interested.

If you’re tired of your constant troubles with hives and wheals, try treating the outbreak at the source. Try Get Rid of Hives and stop the burn before it starts.