Treat Your Rosacea

1859771Rosacea is a disease which causes redness of the face. There are medications available to treat this disease but sometimes they may depress the immune system so much that it causes for infection.

Home remedies are very good against Rosacea if one knows how to use them properly. Also, home remedies are economical and may be of much more benefit as compared to traditional medications.

The first home remedy that can treat rosacea is a gentle face cleanser, usually in liquid form. It should contain natural substances which remove all the dirt from a person’s face. Aloe Vera is commonly used for this purpose. While preparing a natural cleanser, one should not use any ingredient to which their skin shows allergic reactions to.

The face should be washed several times a day.

Use of irritants is strictly prohibited in cleansers and moisturizers because they can cause flushing of the skin.

A second substance which can be used at home against rosacea is chamomile. Soaps and moisturizers containing chamomile are always good for patients with Rosacea. It is a herb and thus has no side effects.

Another very effective remedy against rosacea is cucumber. The use of cucumber in cleansers and moisturizers is advised because it thoroughly cleans the skin. Cucumber should be taken in excess in your normal diet because it plays a very important role in nourishing the skin.

Placing cucumber slices on the skin may not be that effective but still, its value cannot be ignored. Patients can place cucumber slices on affected areas of the face at night and then remove them in the morning. It provides for freshness to the skin and removes red coloring and swelling.

Fenugreek tea has very positive effect on the skin too. It is also used against adult acne. Rosacea patients should take it 3 to 4 times a day as it genuinely removes all pimples from the face.

Use of some substances should be avoided to control rosacea. Alcohol is very important because it aggravates the redness of the skin. The reason for this is due to the fact that alcohol dilates blood vessels, causing oozing of blood from them, resulting in redness of the face.

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