Male Breast Growth Is Real: Here’s What You Can Do About It

manboobsMillions of men are affected, but are afraid to say anything about it. When people are around they slump their shoulders together and scrunch up instead of sitting straight. At the beach or the pool, they’re the guys who refuse to take off their shirts. They just want people to not notice the one thing that makes them feel completely embarrassed and emasculated. What they’re all afraid of is male breast growth—man boobs.

They make living uncomfortable, but you’re too embarrassed to do anything about them.

Male breast growth is natural. It isn’t a freak occurrence, and it doesn’t mean that a guy who has them isn’t a real man. That’s the kind of thinking that creates a stigma that makes so many men too embarrassed to even get help for the problem. Male breast growth happens when hormones that shouldn’t be produced in high levels get a bump in the male body. It can be caused by a number of different factors.

Diet and lifestyle play a big part. For instance, eating tofu can increase estrogen levels and those higher levels can lead to male breast growth. Also, it’s not just an urban myth from a black and white film strip from the 50s: chronic marijuana use can and does cause male breast growth. But the most common cause of male breast growth is being overweight. And the bad part is, even if a man drops the extra pounds and gets down to a healthy weight, the man boobs will still be there. Once male breast growth takes place it doesn’t just go away. Not unless you decide to do something about it.

You finally have a way to get rid of unsightly male breast growth.

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